‘Your idea of ​​justice is wrong’,Hathras.


Nusrat sneered at Hathras.

There is not much difference between words and piercing arrows. Once thrown, there is no chance of being taken back. There is no salvation even if you ask for forgiveness. Be it Ayodhyapati Dasaratha and Locket Chatterjee, the BJP MP from Hooghly. Basirhat Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan did not miss the opportunity to criticize the BJP MP’s blatant remarks. Hathras

MP Locket Chatterjee went to Makaltore in Daihat of Katwa police station to join the party program on Saturday. He confronted the journalists at the end of the program. Talking about the Hathras Gang Rape, he said, “Yogiji is trusted and he will surely punish the family members of the rapists.” The news soon spread like wildfire on social media. BJP MPs have to be the victims of ridicule by netizens. He later apologized for his unintentional mistake.

“The family of Hathras’ rapist will be punished,” Lockett said

Nusrat mocked the BJP MP on social media by raising that issue. With the hashtag ‘Biggest Pandemic BJP’ (#BiggestPandemicBJP),

‘As a woman telling a woman, Lockett is wrong about your idea of ​​justice. Punishment of rape family! The most ridiculous solution I’ve heard so far. As an elected representative, your mentality is dangerous. ‘

Earlier, Nusrat had questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the Hathras gang-rape case. On Saturday, he wrote on Twitter, ‘BJP leader means the ultimate coward! How long will Narendra Modi hide the number of women and Dalits who have been tortured during his rule? We will fight to the death. ‘