Who invented notebooks and pens?


A Chinese broker named Chai Lun of the Han Dynasty of China invented the paper about 2,000 years ago (105 AD), with old nets and pieces of cloth. Boiled rags and trees, the Chinese made paper by shaking it repeatedly. notebooks and pens

Researchers are talking about a paper made before Chai Lun. According to them, the word ‘paper’ comes from a plant called papyrus. The papyrus paper was used by the Babylonians and then the Egyptians about 3,000 BC. The Greeks and Romans also used papyrus paper. notebooks and pens

It spread from China to Korea and Japan around 610. Arab merchants learned to make paper in China in the eighth century. Then the technique of making paper spread to different countries. Paper production began in Europe around the 13th century. Then they developed the mechanical method of making paper in their hands.

Pen: The pen is a daily necessity that is needed everywhere. From school-college, university to office-court, home, shops, markets, everywhere, the pen is a very important object. The pen also has a touch of modernity keeping pace with the times. With the advancement of technology in hand mobile or laptop, computer is doing a lot of pen work, it is said that the demand or need for pen has not decreased so much.

The English word pen comes from the Latin word penna, which means bird’s feather. At one time bird feathers were used as writing material. And that is why such naming.

The history of the pen is about 5 thousand years old. It is thought that the ancient Egyptians were the first to use the pen. At that time, of course, there was no paper as smooth as it is today. At that time writing was done on the leaves, bark and skin of various trees. They used reeds, arrows or bamboo, bamboo twigs or hollow pieces as pens. These pieces were cut like a pen and pointed. The pointed part was dipped in ink. The ink was also prepared by the sap of different plants and a variety of natural ingredients.

It is claimed that England invented the first modern pen in 180 AD. In 184, LE Waterman invented the fountain pen. Then many countries besides England started making fountain pens. Ball point pens are made in the twentieth century. In 18 John J. Loud patented the first ball point pen. Thus the evolution of the pen, the main instrument of writing, has reached its present state.