What gift did Ekratti Yuvan give to Raj ex? Find out.


A few days ago, Raj Shubhshree’s house was lit by his son Yuvan. Netizens have their eyes on him since before his birth.

And Raj and Shubhshree’s newborn son Yuvan was sent a gift by Raj’s ex-girlfriend Mimi Chakraborty. Once upon a time in Tollywood, Raj and Mimi’s relationship was at its peak. But now they are past. Forgetting that colorful past, Mimi is now busy with her career and political life. On the other hand, Raj is now married to Shubhshree.
Incidentally, on September 12, Raj and Shubhshree came into the life of their newborn son little Evan. Shubhshree herself tweeted the news of becoming a mother with a picture of her son. Mimi retweeted and congratulated Shubhshree. Mimi is Raj’s ex-girlfriend and Shubhshree is currently married but the two heroines have been on good terms since the beginning of their careers.

This time Yuvan built another bridge there. Mimi also sent some gifts for Evan. Shubhshree thanked Mimi by sharing the picture of the gift sent by Mimi on his Instagram handle. The photo of the gift posted by Shubhshree shows blue towels, baby cream, baby powder, teddy bear, assorted toys, etc., which are known as the color of boys.

And in the caption of the photo, Shubhshree wrote ‘Yuvan says, it has been very beautiful, thank you so much, Mimi’. Mimi tagged Shubhshree in response to this post on her Insta Story
Adding a kiss and many heart emojis, he wrote Evan’s name. That means a lot of love and blessings from Mimi for Evan.

Last August, after receiving the news of Raj Chakraborty’s bereavement, Mimi took to Twitter to express her condolences to Raj and his entire family and advised him to harden his heart.