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A t Pujo Cinema this time. Bengali movies

The cinema hall is opening before Pujo. The Union Home Ministry has directed to open cinema halls, theaters and multiplexes in all the states outside the containment zone from October 15. The directive said on Wednesday that the auditorium could be opened with 50 per cent of the total seats. The state government had earlier announced that the auditorium could be opened from today, i.e. from today, in accordance with the guidelines. The owners and production companies of the state’s cinema halls have already started working to make it a reality. Bengali movies

There are not many days left for Pujo. So they have already started thinking about what the Pujo release might be. Surinder from SVF, Windows is already discussing the release of new pictures with various hall owners. On the other hand, the owners are also preparing. Bengali movies

It was heard that Navina Cinema is headed by Naveen Chaukhani, director Shivprasad Mukherjee, Surinder Films captain Nispal Singh Rane and Pankaj Ladiyar. When contacted, Naveen Chaukhani said, “No such meeting has been called, but I have already had a meeting with my hall workers.” AC machine. Check if the projector is OK. ”

Though the cinema hall is open, there are already doubts about the process of selling tickets. There are options for selling tickets online, but only in multiplexes and a handful of single screens. It is learned that single screen owners have already applied to various ticket apps including Book My Show to book the entire booking online. Naveen Chaukhani said that if the movie is shown with 50 percent audience, the seating arrangement will also change. He has already spoken to Book My Show about what can be done in a new way.

The movie ‘S and S Kolkata’ starring Mimi-Nusrat and Yash Dasgupta is coming to Pujo.

This time the question is what pictures will be released in Pujo? In this context, SVF chief Mahendra Soni said, ‘In the current situation, all the viewers are looking to see the picture on the big screen. We are bringing new movies in Pujo. “Dracula Sir” starring Anirban Bhattacharya and Mimi Chakraborty is set to release on October 23. Directed by Srijit Mukherjee, ‘Is the return of Kakababu coming to this puja? Srijit had earlier said, “It is not possible to release this big budget film right now.” On the same day, the production company SVFO informed that for the time being, there is no possibility of releasing ‘Kakababu’s Return’ in Pujo.

On the other hand, another production company Surinder has informed that they are bringing two new films for the audience in this pujo. ‘Blood Mystery’ and ‘Love Story’. ‘Raktarahasya’ starring Koel Mallick was supposed to be released on April 10. In fact, the suspense thriller is delayed due to Corona. On this day, it was informed by Surinder Films, and don’t wait, Surinder is bringing this double bang for the audience in Pujo.

Besides, Shivprasad-Nandita’s production company ‘Windows’ has not released a new film in this pujo, but ‘Brahma knows the secret work’ is being released again. Directed by Aritra Mukherjee, the film starring Ritavhari Chakraborty had to be stopped due to Corona just 10 days after its release. Although the film did quite well in those 10 days. Shivprasad said, ‘During the lockdown, I received offers to release this film online but several times. I told them that my children made the picture with a lot of effort. When the hall opens, let the picture be released again. ‘ In the end, this is what is happening in the atmosphere of Pujo, Ritavhari’s ‘Dashhat’ and ‘Brahma Jaane’ … are coming in front of the audience. If all goes well, the film will be released on October 15.

Naveen Choukhani said that the two companies have already had a wide discussion with him about Windows ‘Brahma knows …’ and SVF’s ‘Dracula Sir’. Although it is a new movie in Pujo, those two pictures can be seen.

Apart from this, the movie ‘S and S Kolkata’ starring Mimi-Nusrat and Yash Dasgupta is coming to Pujo. This photo was shot right after the lockdown. Actress Anna Sahar has made her debut as a producer in this film. It is heard that Raj Chakraborty’s film ‘Dharmayuddha’ is also going to be released. However, another film of Raj ‘Habji Gabji’ will be released in December. Arindam Sheel’s film ‘Mayakumari’ is not being released in Pujo. However, Anjan Dutt’s ‘Saheb’s Cutlet’ is being released in Pujo.

Director Shivprasad said, “If the opening of the hall is good news for the industry, then the safety of the spectators should also be kept in mind.” Actress Mimi Chakraborty said, “Pujo means creating positive fields from all around. So the cinema hall is opening. At least the audience will come to see the pictures.”