Trump calls for re-mediation in Indo-China conflict

US President Donald Trump has once again opened his mouth about the Indo-China conflict on the eastern Ladakh border. He returned the offer of mediation. The US president also described the situation in the Indo-China conflict as “extremely nasty”.

Trump says he is talking to both India and China about the situation. “We are ready to help in the context of China and India,” he said. If we can do something, it would be nice if we could get involved and help. We are talking to the two countries about this.

Trump has previously offered to mediate between the two neighbors. However, both India and China rejected the offer. Both countries said there was no need for a third party to mediate.

Trump has taken China one-handed. He said he once again blamed China for spreading the effects of the coronavirus in 16 countries around the world, calling it a “Chinese virus.”

On the other hand, the political campaign surrounding the upcoming presidential election in America is in full swing. Trump once again appealed to people of Indian descent to vote for him. At the same time, Modi’s praise was heard on his face. During the election campaign, the US President described the Indian Prime Minister as his best friend and great leader.