Tolipara trembled as she gave herself the “Desi Chhori” badge in her Western attire.

Desi Chhori

Besides Nusrat Jahan, the first line heroine of Tolipara, she is also a Member of Parliament. Being a Muslim, he married a Hindu. Religious orthodoxy was never in his mind. Recently this actress from Kolkata went to London for some work. She posted a picture of herself on the flight. Seeing her picture naturally raised the question in the minds of her followers, why did the actress go to London? Maybe to shoot or tour a film. It was later learned that Nusrat Jahan had gone to London to shoot a picture of Swastik Sanket. Naturally, he is abroad following all the rules. He posted a picture from the airport shortly after arriving in London. He appeared in a blue lounge dress. There is no makeup on the face. Earlier, the picture of some heroines at the airport went viral, but Nusrat’s airport look betrayed all the heroines. Western attire

Then Nusrat Jahan came out with his own style just like that airport guy. He is wearing a red bumper jacket and red shorts. A few days before Pujo, he put up a shelf with such a picture. Earlier, he had posted pictures of sari or salwar-kameez. He is equally fluent in all attire. There is no doubt about the glamor of Nusrat Jahan to his followers. The words of the speakers were absolutely hip hop and Nusrat K looked like them.

Fans call Nusrat Jahan a hip hop, but Nusrat Jahan refuses to give up. Rather, she prefers to see herself as a native woman. He is a foreign incarnation but a native knife. Whatever the costume, Nusrat Jahan can match any actress in terms of beauty. After hip hop style, Nusrat dressed up in floral salwar again. Seeing that, her fans were shocked again. The way Nusrat has appeared one by one with the future of Pujo fashion, it means that she is preparing herself for Durga Puja. She has already started giving fashion tips to fans on social media. Western attire