The way to get rid of constipation forever.


I don’t think there is any way to get rid of it forever. Constipation can be caused not only by food but also by many other problems. For example: Anal fissure, Bowel obstruction, Bowel stricture, Colon or Rectal cancer. There are also a variety of neurological problems, such as: Autonomic neuropathy, Sclerosis, Parkinson’s; The same problem may arise. In addition to these, constipation can also be caused by muscle and hormonal problems. Maybe you understand why it is not possible to get rid of it forever. But apart from these problems, the most important thing is to follow a good diet. Constipation depends a lot on the diet. Here are some of them: constipation forever to include plenty of fiber-rich foods in your diet, such as: fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and dairy foods, such as beef; Avoid as much as possible. constipation forever
Stay as physically active as possible. You can exercise every day. Or even walking, running or playing sports.
Try to control stress.
If you need to use the bathroom, do not hold down unless there are too many problems.
In the case of children who have just started eating solid foods, put more fiber in their diet.
The most important thing is to drink enough water. Many people drink very little water in the winter or when they go out. Don’t do that. One of the major causes of constipation is not drinking enough water. In this case, you can drink not only water, but also fruit juice.
Consult a doctor if you have frequent bowel movements without any reason. Thanks.