The responsibility of parents to teach girls to respect.

Virat Anushka

The message is clear. Girls to respect.

The murder of a Dalit girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, is being condemned across the country. Several more rapes have come to light since Hathras. As a result, the safety of women in the country is in question. Bollywood celebrities have also spoken out on this issue. Actress Anushka Sharma has also given a special message in this regard.

Anushka is going to be a mother soon. Seeing this situation, the actress has made a post about how children should be brought up. Anushka writes, in our society having a son is seen as a privilege. Of course having a daughter is the same kind of joy. But in society, it is seen with a very weak eye.
According to Anushka, from a young age, children should be taught that women should be respected. The actress says that the advantage of having a son is that you have a chance to understand that you have to respect girls while keeping him. It is your duty as a parent in society. So don’t think of it as an advantage.

Anushka wants to say that giving birth to a son is not an additional benefit. Rather it is the duty of the parents to raise him properly. He further says that children cannot be benefited in any way apart from their gender. But it is your responsibility to raise the boy properly so that any woman in front of him feels safe.

Incidentally, during the lockdown, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma said that a new member is coming in their life. They will have children in 2021.