The next episode (fourth episode) of Ganesha words in Durgakahini.


In the story of Ganesha in the story of Durga, we have already learned that one of the stories of Siddhibinayak’s birth is beheaded by Shiva. Today I will know the story of Shiva and Gajasur of the disruptor Ganesha. According to mythology, a demon with the characteristics of an elephant existed in ancient times. It is known that the name of that demon was Gajasur.

According to the mythology, once Gajasur did great austerities, Mahadev himself was satisfied with his austerities and expressed his desire to give him a boon according to his mind. After hearing Mahadev’s wish, Gajasur tells Mahadev that he wants fire to come out of his body all the time. So that no one can come to him with courage. Mahadev gave him that plum.

But even after getting the groom, Gajasur did not stop doing Mahadev’s austerities. Even after that Bholanath is satisfied with his austerities and wants to come in front of him and give him a boon. Gajasur then tells Mahadev that he wants Mahadev to live in his stomach.

But the problem is created elsewhere. Since Mahadev was sitting in Gajasur’s stomach, Goddess Parvati herself went out to look for Mahadev without finding him. The goddess Parvati finally found Bholanath with the help of Vishnu.

Realizing that Mahadev was in Gajasur’s stomach, Vishnu disguised himself as a flute player by making Shiva’s vehicle Nandi a dancing bull. Then Vishnu along with Nandi came to Gajasur to play the flute.

It is known that Gajasur was happy to hear Vishnu’s flute. Then he wants to give something to Vishnu. Then Vishnu said that he wanted the release of Shiva, who was imprisoned in Gajasur’s stomach. At this time, recognizing Vishnu, Gajasur fell at his feet. And he also released Mahadev. Then Gajasur begged for his last groom.

He says that he wants people to worship his head even after his death. It is known that after that, Mahadev brought his own son Ganesha there and exchanged his son’s head with Gajasur. And from then on, the ritual of Ganesha worship started before the worship of all the gods.

In the next episode I will know some more things about Ganesha’s story.