The govt will give 10 GB Data Free, students for online classes!

10 GB Data Free
Claim: It is claimed in a #WhatsApp message that government is providing free internet to all the students so that they can give online exams and complete their education amid

The whole country is currently fighting the coronavirus. From school to college, all students are currently studying or taking classes online. Many do not have this system. Many needy households are not able to provide mobile, laptop and most importantly internet. As a result, many are unable to take online classes. In the wake of this, a message has gone viral on social media that the central government is providing 10 GB Data Free internet service to students across the country for free to study online. So that students can take classes and take exams online in the corona virus. The viral message reads, “School-college has been shut down due to the coronavirus and students are losing their studies due to this.” So the government is providing free internet (10 GB per day) for all students.

The message said that the government is also doing this so that students can finish their studies and take exams with the help of online classes through the internet. A link is also given in the message and it is said that you will get your free internet pack (10 GB per day) from this link. And for that you have to submit an application form.
Towards the end of this viral message, it is also written that for the benefit of the people, share this message as much as possible so that everyone can get this benefit. After it goes viral, the PIB Fact Check team, a government agency, verifies the truth of this message. This message is then proven to be fake. The PIB Fact Check states that such writing and information is incorrect. The government has not taken any such decision.

Earlier, a news item went viral on social media, claiming that the government was distributing free smartphones to students across the country to study online. 10 GB Data Free