Suzuki brings two new models to India.


Suzuki is a very popular model in the Indian market. Those who have been bringing one new model bike after another to the Indian market for a long time. And it has become a favorite of the customers. However, this time it is known that Suzuki is going to bring two new bikes of their Gixer 250 series in the Indian market in a new way. It seems. This new update will be popular enough to customers.

Earlier, a picture of the new look was published on social media on behalf of Suzuki. This bike will be available in two different attractive colors. It is believed that this will make the bike more popular with the customers. It has been reported that although the look has been updated, the price of the bike has been kept at 1.6 lakh (ex-showroom).
However, it can be bought for 1.75 lakh rupees. Keeping these prices will make customers more attracted to buy these bikes. However, it is known that the Suzuki Gixer 250 series bikes have the advantage of oil cooling system technology. It will have 21.5 bhp and 22.2 Nm of torque output in the 249 cc engine.

In addition, the two bikes in this series have dual channel ABS system. At the moment there are bikes of more than one company in the Indian market. Which has become quite popular with customers. Besides, several foreign companies are also going to launch several models in India at the moment. Indian companies are not far behind. Steps have also been taken on their behalf. However, it is believed that the popularity of Suzuki will increase with the arrival of these two bikes. Besides, it will go far ahead of the rest.