Surprising unknown facts about bats.


The animal is considered scary and is also despised as a tit but we do not understand the benefits of this beneficial animal. Let us know some information about it. bats

  1. Bats keep our environment suitable for habitation by pollinating about 300 fruits, displacing seeds and eating harmful insects. In a desert-like environment where birds are scarce, bats are the mainstay for pollination. One of the functions is pollination.
  2. Pollination of fruits like banana, mango etc. is impossible without bats. The contribution of bats in the transfer and afforestation of fig, banyan, almond and cocoa seeds is high.
  3. The farmer helps the bat by eating the insects of his field even though he is sleeping at night. They can eat about six hundred insects in an hour. They are heroes in the night sky.

4, 95% of tropical rain forests are reconstituted due to scattering of seeds by bats. The bat-borne disease, corona virus, is taking refuge in the human body due to the destruction of the bats’ habitat.

5, the only mammal is the bat, who knows how to fly.

6, They are basically of two types. The megabat or large bats are tropical, with wingspan of 6 feet. Eats fruit and lives in tree hollows. They also look good with their eyes but small bats live in cold regions, mountain caves and have poor eyesight.

6, no bat is blind. Microbat or winter they use three-dimensional ecolocation technology in the dark to detect social calls, avoid collisions during flight, and locate prey. However, the scope of ecolocation is not very large.

8, one-fourth of the mammals are bats, they have about 1100 species. Most insects eat spiders, the rest eat fruit.

9, only 3 species of bats drink blood and know how to crawl. It eats the blood of the cattle’s body, licks it with its teeth and licks it with the help of its tongue. Their mouths are not suitable for sucking blood. One species of bat also eats chicken blood in the guise of a chick. But most species of bats are now on the verge of extinction.

10, microbat or small bats can not tolerate the cold so they stay in caves or cracks. Many species of bats spend the whole winter without eating.

11, Badur’s mouth saliva contains enzymes to prevent blood clots in humans, copies of which are being made to treat stroke and heart block disease.

12, bats give birth to only one baby a year, they are huddled so that the babies do not get cold. She found her baby in a herd of bats and suckled it. They live an average of 30 years. It can fly an average of 60 miles per hour.

13, flying fox or fruit – Badur is the biggest badur. Bumblebee B species, smaller than a finger, are found in Thailand.

14, Chinese bats are called Ke Fu. Fu means fortune, China is also considered a symbol of good fortune in Japan.

  1. Citizens of Guam eat bats the most, as they are scarce there, and they now import bat meat.
  2. Their veins are not as thin as humans and other mammals, but as hard as arteries. So even if it hangs upside down, the blood flow to the head does not increase.

16, they need a lot of oxygen to fly, so their heart beats like a thousand times a minute. Again, during winter sleep, the heart rate drops to 20 beats per minute to save energy.

  1. Bat malls have a lot of nitrates which are used as gunpowder and to make high quality organic fertilizers. Organic manure oil collected from bat caves was one of the most expensive minerals in America before it was discovered.