Stop looking at mental illness with bad eyes.


Mahesh’s wife Soni’s sneer at Kangana.

Kangana Ranaut could not accept the dismissal of the possibility of murder by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) in the investigation of Sushant’s death. As usual he is vocal again. Outraged, he tweeted on Saturday, “One morning I woke up, then suddenly killed myself, it could never happen in the case of young and extraordinarily talented people. Sushant said he had been the victim of satire. There was danger to life. Movie mafias have banned him, he has been harassed. Sushant was mentally disturbed by the false allegation of rape.

After that, Mahesh Bhatt’s wife actress Soni Rajdan took Kangana by the hand. In a tweet, he fired at Kangana. Wrote, ‘Let those who say people don’t commit suicide in the morning for no reason, let them know, they don’t really do it. This is the real thing. Before making such a decision, they suffered for many years and struggled.

Sony has requested not to look at mental illness with bad eyes. Wrote, ‘There is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of mental illness. If this disease is treated properly, life can be saved.

Kangana has always given more importance to the possibility of murder as the cause of Sushant’s death. Ritimato has claimed that the death of the actor is not suicide. He was killed. After the AIIMS report came in, he tweeted one more question. Kangana writes, “Sushant has repeatedly said that the well-known production company has ‘banned’ him. Who conspired against him? Why was fake news spread in the media branding him as a rapist? Why was Mahesh Bhatt doing psychoanalysis Sushantar? ”

Mahesh Bhatt is one of the Bollywood stars whose names have come up again and again in Kangana’s allegations. According to the actress, the director is a member of Bollywood’s ‘Mafia Gang’ and has also played an active role in pushing Sushant to his death. Did Kangana’s constant accusations against Mahesh force Soni to be vocal?

Tanushree said fluently in Bengali, I am not afraid of anyone. The work will not stop

Kangana’s voice has been the loudest since the actor’s death in the uproar against nepotism. Alia Bhatt also has that flame. Mahesh-Kanya has received threats of rape on social media. Nasty meme, troll flew towards him. Although Mahesh did not open his mouth about this, Soni stood up for the family. Incidentally, Mahesh Bhatt was the producer of Kangana’s first film ‘Gangster’.