Some unprecedented information about Google.

  1. Name

Google’s name originates from a spelling mistake?

You may want to know what the name Google means. In fact, it makes no sense.

The name Google actually comes from a misspelling of the mathematical calculation googol – which is one hundred zeros after 1.

There are many stories now that an engineer or student wrote this misspelling instead of the real name. That wrong name comes in front of the whole world.

The next event is history.

  1. ‘Backbone’

Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin first named the company Backrab.

The method by which a website finds another website and determines the ranking on the webpage based on their past links is called backrab.

  1. Not everything is accountable

Google is not everything. There are a lot of interesting things out there

Google is not a business at all. There are a lot of interesting things out there.

For example, you can type the word “askew” in Google.

  1. Google goat

The grass in the Google area is a little more green

Google has always said it supports green initiatives. One of these is lawn mowing by goats.

The lawn grass at Google’s headquarters in California has to be trimmed regularly. So if you ever go there, you will see about 200 goats roaming around and eating grass and keeping the lawn grass in order.

  1. Growing business

Do you know who actually owns your social media?

Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Chrome … Google has been owning one company almost every week since 2010.

You may not notice, but there are seventy more companies like Android, YouTube, Voice, AdSense – Google.

Art created specifically for special occasions or personalities floats in the face of Google

The first Google Doodle was launched on August 30, 1997, with the help of outdoor messaging.

The idea first came when Larry and Sergei went to Nevada for a festival.

Doodles have become a Google tradition ever since. Art created specifically for a special day or personality floats in the face of Google.

. Opportunity for many, but not for Google.

Google owns a large part of the technology market

In 1999, Larry and Sergei tried to sell Google for মিল 1 million ….. but there were no customers to buy it. Even after reducing the price, no customer matched.

Google now has a net worth of 300 billion. Some may now regret missing out on that opportunity.

  1. Google’s norm

‘Kids play well’

One of Google’s basic ideals is “Never be evil.”

But whether this company is still in that ideal, that decision is yours.

  1. Food is a very important thing

The Google Office always has something to eat

According to Forbes, Google’s father, Sergei Brin, initially decided that Google’s office would never be more than 60 meters away from where food was received.

Rumor has it that the company’s most popular dish at the time was ‘Swedish Fish’, a chewy dessert. But now Google has a variety of meats and good quality coffee for its people.

  1. Google’s best friend

Employees can bring their own dog to Google’s office

Everyone who works at Google, even newcomers, can bring their own dog. But it has to prove that they are trained in the type of office, where they will not mess around.

A few more bonus points ….

Google’s office in New York has a separate section for Lego, although Google’s index is now 100 times larger than it was in 1999, but it is updating 10,000 times faster.

Google is a fan of plastic construction toys Lego, which is why the first Google computer storage unit was made with Lego bricks.