Quick justice if you apply in writing to the temple!


The gods appear! temple.

Letters, applications or petitions are submitted to the temple for resolving jobs, livelihoods, disputes or any other problem. This is the only way to get justice quickly. As soon as the wish is fulfilled, a respectable and trustworthy person goes to the temple again and sets the bell. Yes, there is such a mysterious temple at the foot of the Himalayas. Chitai area of ​​Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The name of the deity in this temple is Golu Devta. The Golu deity is worshiped here as the Gaur Bhairab incarnation of Lord Shiva. This white-robed golu deity is also worshiped by the people of many local villages as a cool deity. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, a stone idol in the form of the god Golu is seen.
In the scriptures the word is Brahman, the mantra power exists in the word. So for many centuries this idea and belief of solving problems through written words has been prevalent in the temples of the god Golu. There is evidence of this in the layers of the temple. Whether it is white paper or official stamp paper, thousands of letters or prayer letters written in different languages ​​are hanging on the temple. There are thousands of proofs that the solution to the problem is the hours spent by the people who have been cured. There are bells of almost all sizes, small and medium, weighing five quintals. Whenever you visit the temple at any time of the day, you can see trustworthy people tying letters or bells. There are also rumors that the court of the god Golu sat in many local villages after reading the written application. He appeared in court with a white horse. He judges in the presence of all.

Now the question is, does Golu Devta really read the prayer letter? Is it possible for a deity to know the languages ​​of different regions including Hindi and English? How has the number of people believing in the god Golu increased year after year? Why do people in trouble rush for justice?
Whether the Chitai of Uttarakhand is the edge of this mysterious temple of the god Golu or not, the sound of the temple bells according to the devotion and tradition of the people in the written application is more true than the truth to the devotees who come every day.