Questions about elephants and birds in UPSC exams.


IFS officer shared on Twitter. UPSC

In Corona situation, 20 candidates had applied for postponement of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. That application was rejected by the Supreme Court. As a result, UPSC preliminary examination is held on the specified day. Parveen Paswan, an Indian Forest Service officer, tweeted out some questions from the UPSC exams on Sunday.

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According to his tweet, questions were asked about elephants and birds in the UPSC preliminary examination this year. Paswan tweeted that question paper. “My tweets seem to have been leaked,” he joked. Earlier this year, he shared information about how female elephants manage their herds. The question that was asked in the UPSC exam gave four options about elephants. Asked which of these was correct. Among the options were- 1. The head of the elephant group is an elephant. 2. The maximum gestation period can be 22 months. 3. An elephant can usually give birth at the age of 40. 4. Kerala has the highest number of elephants among the states of India.

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Incidentally, the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission has three stages- Preliminary, Main and Personality Test (PT). The main test is the most important. And the preliminary test is absolutely the elimination test. Its number is not added anywhere. On the other hand, only 14 percent of the total marks in the exam will be added from PT. It is possible to get numbers from here, it can never be said. So, everyone’s goal is to do well in the main test. The PT test determines which service or cadre a candidate is eligible for. Main test is a very long process. The test lasted for five days.