Preparing to sell INS Virat for 100 crore rupees.

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Indian Navy frigate INS Trikand (F51) of the Talwar class (modified Russian Krivak III class) frigate entering Portsmouth Naval Base, UK, on 12 July 2013, on an Indian-bound delivery voyage from the Baltiysky Zavod shipyard in St Petersburg. Camera location: 50.7779044N 1.0892956W

The Sriram Group of Gujarat, which bought the Indian Navy’s sea emperor INS Virat for about Rs 36 crore to dismantle it, has expressed interest in selling it for Rs 100 crore. The Mumbai-based Nvitech Marine Corps has said it plans to build a museum to preserve INS Virat, after which Mukesh Patel, owner of the Shri Ram Group, said he bought INS Virat out of patriotism, which now stands at the Alang Shipbreaking Yard in Bhavnagar. It will have to be demolished in the near future, but if any company shows interest in buying it, they are willing to sell it for Rs 100 crore.
He has claimed that the market value of INS Virat is Rs 125 crore, but he is willing to sell it for Rs 100 crore. He said the buyer of would have to take any objection certificate from the Navy and the Ministry of Defense. Notably, bought by Sriram Group of Gujarat for Rs 36.54 crore and has reached Hall Bhavnagar Breaking Yard to dismantle it. The Goa government also wants to buy to showcase him as a sea fighter on the Goa coast. With the arrival of INS Virat buyers, the Shri Ram Group has tripled its price to Rs 125 crore. However, it will not be easy to buy or sell INS in the open market. Since the history of the Indian Navy is related to this aircraft carrier and the attachment of every person in the country is associated with it.