‘Pick up the phone, don’t let me out’ Hathras Case


The country is abuzz over the mass rape and subsequent death of a Dalit girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. The protest has started. Everyone has demanded extreme punishment for the culprits. But in the meantime, the victim’s family has made explosive allegations against the police. They claim that they are not allowed to speak in front of the media. They are not even allowed to leave the house. No gathering is being allowed in the village. Their phones have been confiscated. Hathras Case

They complained that they were constantly being intimidated. On Thursday, a minor appeared in front of the media in the middle of the field, avoiding the police. They were waiting outside as they did not allow the media to enter the village. Going there, the minor said that he was a relative of the victim. “They stole our phone,” he told the media. My family sent me to talk to the media. I somehow came through the hidden fields. We are not being let out. They are threatening us. ‘ However, the minor could not say the whole thing. Policemen came and appeared in the middle of his speech.

The boy immediately fled from there. He fled the way he came. The opposition Congress has also been vocal about not allowing the media to enter Hathras. The Uttar Pradesh Congress tweeted, “Today Yogiji has banned the media from entering the village, as the media could present some important information to the whole country.” They could show everyone the picture of Yogiji’s Jungle Raj. That is why the media has been banned from entering. A video surfaced on Thursday showing District Magistrate PK Lokskar threatening the victim’s family. They are being pressured to change their statements. But he has denied the allegations. The district magistrate said, ‘I have talked to six members of that family. We talked for about an hour and a half. I talked to them today. Hathras Case

The news of a quarrel with them is a complete rumor. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) is investigating the Hathras case. According to sources, five Uttar Pradesh policemen have been suspended for alleged irregularities in the investigation into the Hathras case. The victim’s family had earlier complained that the police were too late to arrest the accused despite their statements. A senior Uttar Pradesh police officer told the media that the forensic report did not match the evidence of rape. Signs of injuries were found on the girl’s genitals and an attempt was made to kill her by hanging herself. He claimed that the autopsy report did not find any evidence of sexual harassment.

The fire of protest is burning in the country. In the meanwhile, such statements of the police added fuel to the fire. The general public is vocal in protest. Under pressure, police arrested four upper caste youths on charges of rape. Yogi Adityanath Sarkar also announced compensation of Rs 25 lakh to the victim’s family and a job for one of the family members. But even then, the victim’s family continues to complain against the administration.