10 High-Paying Part-time Online Jobs – $100/hour

Earn $100/hour
10 High-Paying Part-time Online Jobs To Do From Home in 2020 (Earn $100/hour or More!)

There might come a time in your life when your income from your full-time job just cannot cover enough any more you might also feel unhappy or insecure with your day job so maybe you’re looking for a part-time job or a side hustle that could replace your current income source in the near future and well you might be taking care of your kids and your family and not willing to work the regular nine-to-five jobs if you’re looking for side hassles that can provide you flexibility and are minimal in stress then you might want to consider choosing online part-time jobs for the jobs I will cover in this video you don’t need to take a new masters degree all you need is a high-speed internet connection.

10 High-Paying Part-time Online Jobs To Do From Home in 2020 (Earn $100/hour or More!)
10 High-Paying Part-time Online Jobs To Do From Home in 2020 (Earn $100/hour or More!)

Hi I’m Kama of An astacia blogger.com and on this channel I share my tips about online business and online marketing if that’s what you want to learn about subscribe and hit the bell button to get notified about my new videos now let me start by saying I will not talk about stuff like taking surveys working in call centers and other similar online jobs that aren’t really improving your financial situation in the long run I will be only talking about the highest paying part-time online jobs that will allow you to make from thirty to fifty dollars per hour the first online job is graphic designer graphic designers especially skilled ones will always be in demand because as more and more businesses go online they need to effectively visually track their clients if they want to be noticed this includes having their own unique logo animations illustrations and other visual graphics the same goes to all the graphics for social media channels that businesses used to reach their customers online graphic designer also has a very important role in every company bit on online or an offline company as they also help with advertising marketing and web design of the businesses if you want to start as a graphic designer you should first bill your design portfolio of course and after that you can easily apply to online companies be it a big company or a small company if you look at app work for example you will find that experienced graphic designers charge an average from thirty to fifty dollars per hour for services that include design o fa company logo or brand identity design.

I can give you an even more specific idea actually last week I talks about it in more detail in my video about how you can make money on Pinterest I will give you a link to that video in the to p right corner and in the description below this video by the way as a graphic designer you could even specify that you work with clients for Pinterest only since it’s a visual platform and everyone who wants to get traffic from Pinterest needs to consistently create new pin images and video pins I mentioned in that video from last week some of the prices that companies specializing on Pinterest marketing charge their clients and the prices are around $20 for one original pin image and up to $50 for just one video pin I’m not saying you will easily land clients for the se prices but you can have an idea where your competition might be charging and create your price list with that in mind the second part-time job is blogging or running an informational website this was my part-time job which I started while still working at my nine-to-five stressful job about three years ago and eventually it brought me to where I am now working from home full-time being my own boss and making consistently over twenty thous and dollars a month with my business these are the numbers which.

I could never ever make with my day job no matter how well and how fast my career would develop if you’re interested in learning more about how I make this kind of income I will give you a link to my other video where I shared a detailed income report and showed you how I made twenty five thousand dollars in one month I’ll give you a link in the top right corner and in the description below this video initially my blog was really just a side hustle and if you go through the older posts on my blog you will find some of my first income reports where I shared how I was earning way below $1,000 a month from my blog in the first year as a beginner but even that was a huge additional income source for my family at the time and I literally have just about one hour a day to work on my blog on weekdays and about 4 hours on weekends it was a true part-time job but here you go

I really really wanted to make it work and by the end of the first year blogging I took the risk and quit my day job I never looked back and not even once for a second I regretted this decision moreover when my blogging business was about 2 years old my husband also lef this day job to help me in this online journey and he actually by now already has his own YouTube channel and his own online projects that bring us additional income he’s using his professional skills in 3d graphics and keeps learning new technologies the same as I keep learning every day new online tools new marketing strategies new ways of monetizing my website we both find this way of working at home so exciting and liberating our creative potentials we don’t have to follow anyone’s orders we decide what we enjoy doing and when you work for yourself knowing the sky’s the limit to what can be achieved you don’t notice how you work 10 or even 12 hour working day flies by it’s never enough time in a day for us the beauty of starting an informational website or you could call it a blog if you wish well for me it’s essentially the same thing the beauty of it is that almost everyone can afford it nowadays it can cost you just 295 dollars a month to run a self-hosted WordPress site and I’ll give you a link to this special time limited offer from the hosting provider I used when I just started my blog check out the link in the description below this video I have quite a lot of videos on my channel sharing my tips for beginner bloggers for example I talked about the most profitable blogging niches and which monetization strategies work the best in different niches

Next high-paying part-time job is online marketing consultant almost everything is digital nowadays and now onder why buying things online or even ordering food online is definitely more convenient for for us consumers and because of this digital marketing job s are in high demand most business owners have too much to deal with so they want professionals in online marketing platforms to help them either with consultancy or maybe with managing their online presence on a daily basis this may include social media management online marketing campaigns online brand awareness and many more areas of expertise in most cases businesses will be looking for a specialist in one particular platform for example a lot of people are reaching out to me for Pinterest marketing coaching sessions that’s my area of expertise I’ve learned it while working on growing Pinterest traffic to my own website and later I started working with clients I don’t take clients for Pinterest management services anymore but as an external consultant.

I still do many consultations each month and this takes just a part of my working hours so it’s my part-time job so if you’re working as an online marketing specialist at your day job be it Facebook ad specialist content marketing strategy or sales funnel management you can also do consultation son an hourly rate and believe me here you can charge way above $50 an hour because business owners see it as an investment in the potential income growth for them so they understand the value of your time as an expert it’s not just the hour that you actually spend on the coaching call with your clients it’s all the hours and maybe years of experience that you gained in the field and that they get in an extremely concentrated format the Next part-time job you could do from home is online course creator you probably know that I sell my Pinterest SEO traffic secrets online course and believe me creating this course was the second best decision I’ve Taken after quitting my big job what I love about creating courses is that i tallow you to scale your impact in the industry instead of working with client sone-on-one and managing their accounts I was able to help so many more people understand the power of Pinterest marketing for their growth I took all my experience and knowledge and put it into an online digital product now I want you to understand that selling courses is not an entirely passive income stream as some people out there are trying to present it you cannot just record your video lessons once and then sell it on autopilot because people who enroll in your course will always have some questions and will need some support along the way but you can set the boundaries you can decide how you will provide the support and for example in my program will have a student only a Facebook group where.

I personally reply to all the questions at least once a day what you can teach in your online course really depends on your previous life experience what you know how to do and what you can share with others you will be surprised how many things people are looking for to learn online I recently received an email from one of my you tube followers who shared with me that the only thing that stopped her from starting a blog was that she had no idea how she would manage her taxes as an independent business owner she asked meto recommend her a course on this exact topic how to manage my taxes I couldn’t recommend anything because well I don’t even know what is her country of residence and taxes and laws are different in every country but isn’t it amazing that people are looking for courses even on such a narrow area of knowledge and if you are an accountant helping small businesses with taxes in your country feel free to grab this idea today and start building your online course and the next part-time job is YouTube creator it would be surprising if in this YouTube video I didn’t mention that YouTube can be a great part-time job for you right since we met here on YouTube you probably know that you tubers can make money at least in two different ways one is the ad money paid by YouTube platform its creators share for the advertising that YouTube runs before and sometimes inside the videos this way you can make some money how much will really depend on your niche and the type of YouTube content that you create for channel I can only give you an example of my channel and I currently have a little over 28,000 subscribers and my channel made over$1600 with YouTube ads only in the last month this is not the biggest channel.

I’m still considered a micro influence but if you think about it I make on average one video a week it may take several hours to create a 10 minute video but YouTube ads is just one of the ways you can monetize your channel and the second way is by doing sponsored videos this is getting really interesting here because with about 28 thousand subscribers I can easily charge advertisers about $1200 per sponsored video like I said the video production can take several hours even up to a day but imagine you have a full eight-hour working day on one video that pays you $1200 it means that you are getting paid about a hundred and fifty dollars per hour not bad for a part-time job right if this idea about starting a YouTube channel sounds attractive then my YouTube line checklist will really help you get started on the right track I Will give you the link to this checklist in the top right corner and in the description below this video and you can download it for free this where the five part-time online jobs which.

I personally find really interesting and of course this list could be much longer but I believe on this channel you want to hear what is my take on things otherwise you could just read some long article on the random blog with a huge list of part-time jobs right and to wrap this UPI want to tell you that having at least one part-time job in can be the best way to secure your financial situation in these times of uncertainty the fact that you can do this jobs from the comfort of your home also gives you a healthier work-life balance these are just some of the many online jobs you can find out there so if you have any suggestions of part-time online jobs that are in demand then feel free to share it with us in the comments below this video before you leave this page I picked for you videos that will be perfectly complementary to what I shared with you today and you can check them out here and there and I’ll see you in the next videos