Nusrat wants extra security to kill Durga.


Nusrat Jahan is an actress and Trinamool Congress MP. He recently posted a video dressed as Durga. He received death threats after posting the video. He is now shooting a Bengali film in London. There he sought extra protection for himself.extra security

On September 1, Nusrat Jahan posted a video and picture on his Instagram and Twitter. There she was seen dressed like Goddess Durga and holding a trident in her hand. More than a thousand comments were posted on this video. Most of them are threats. And most of those threats came from the people of Bangladesh. One comment reads, “You cannot save yourself. The God of your world cannot save you. After your death you will realize your guilt. There will be no excuse for you.”

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A senior official at the Kolkata police headquarters said no government complaint had been lodged till Wednesday evening. Trinamool Congress leaders did not comment on the matter. Despite trying to contact Nusrat Jahan, it was not possible, a media report said. Nusrat has received standard protection cover as an MP. He informed the West Bengal government and the foreign ministry. He is scheduled to spend September 28 in London between mid-October. Nusrat wants extra security this time. His close associate told a news agency on Wednesday.

In a letter to the Indian High Commissioner to Britain on 29 September, Nusrat said, “I would like to inform you that I arrived in London two days ago for my professional purposes and after my arrival here, I received death threats from some fundamentalists through my social media pages. He is a resident of his neighboring country. ” “I need immediate police protection while in London, as the threat is so serious and it affects my mental health. I urge you in London to provide me with the necessary protection,” Nusrat wrote in a letter stating that he would remain in London until 16 October. He attached screen shots of the two trawlers to his mailbox. One of them wrote, “The time of your death has come. If you fear God, can’t you cover your body? Aren’t you ashamed?” But this is not new. Nusrat has had to face the wrath of a section of Muslim fundamentalists in the past for the game of Cinnamon and the inauguration of the ISKCON Rath Yatra.