Neel’s old love came back! Realizing the opportunity to enter the chat current girlfriend Trina.


Neel’s mind is in old love! Yes. It is heard that Krishnakoli’s Nikhil is now drowning and drinking water. But who is the lover?

In order to get the answer, they have to go back to the song ‘Swapner Desh Ghure Ghure Ekshesh’ from their serial ‘Tikhe Yeh Love Story’ in 2015. Isha and Adi’s love story comes in flashback. That is, the onscreen chemistry of blue and sairiti. That’s when the serial ends. But the old love is so easy to forget! Neel did not forget. So Isha and Adi’s naughtiness came back again. This time in a different way.

Sairiti is standing on the dusty road. Suddenly Neel took his hand. Joking lightly, he flirted lightly and said Akshay Kumar’s dialogue. The heroine saw the naughtiness of the hero in her eyes. His sweet smile on his lips. Just when the old love was frozen, then the rhythm stopped!

The entry in the love scene is the third person. Who is he? A villain? Not at all. The one who came is Neil’s ‘close friend’. Trina Saha. No matter how much he tags friendship, their love gossip can be heard in the alleys of Tolipara. And as soon as he saw that grass, Neel turned 180 degrees at once. The old girlfriend panicked and called her sister! Understand what happens!

Wondering when all this happened? If you want to see this sweet love triangle scene, you have to keep an eye on Neel’s Instagram page. This is where Neel, Trina and Sairiti shot this funny video.

All three have taken a look at the style statement. Sairiti is smart in white black striped t-shirt. Blue white half shirt and denim super cool. And the grass is red, with open hair.

Tell me how the naughty sweet chemistry of these three people came from the small screen of Instagram to the big screen?