Mimi sent a gift to Raj son.


Thanks Shubhshree on social media. gift to Raj son

The young man has just lit the king’s house. There is a lot of noise in the Chakraborty family about Khude. Everyone in the family has filled him with caress and love with his parents. Netizens are no less curious about Yuvan. Everyone in Tolipara has filled the child of Raj-Shubhshree with virtual love. Corona refuses to approach the situation. Gifts can be sent from afar. So this time Mimi sent a gift for the young man. Raj Gharani thanked him for the gift gift to Raj son

Mimi Chakraborty sent a gift kit for the newborn baby boy for the junior. The gift kit contains blue clothes, towels and teddy bears. There are also baby powders, creams, toys. Shubhshree took a picture and shared it on Insta Story. The caption reads, ‘Young man says it’s too nice, thank you so much mm.’ Mimi shared this post of Shubhshree. He added several emojis to it and wrote the name of the young man. So not just gifts. Mimi also gave love and blessings to the young man.

The relationship between Raj Chakraborty and Mimi is not unknown to anyone. The whispers about the love of the two did not diminish. But he is all past. Raj has been divorcing Shubhshree since his marriage. Mimi is also busy with her work. Mimi and Shubhshree don’t think about that anymore. Their turn of pride has vanished. After the birth of the young man, the relationship between the two became stronger. Mimi has already greeted Shubhshree, who has just become a mother. This time, after sending a gift to the young man, Mimi and Subhashree Ganguly moved closer.