Made for air strikes, but China has not yet shown aggression: Air Chief.


The Indian Air Force is fully prepared for the air strike. The air strike will continue whenever there is any unrest from China. So far, however, no aggressive action has been taken by China. Strict surveillance is going on along the border. Indian Air Force Chief RKS Badoria gave such information on Monday. He said the capabilities of the Indian Air Force’s air strikes are incomparable.

Raphael has joined the Air Force. It has undoubtedly increased the blood pressure of the opponent. With the help of Raphael, the air strike has become more perfect and dynamic, said the Chief of Air Staff. He said 63 LCA Tejas Mark 1A, HTT-40 trainer aircraft will be added to the Air Force in the next five years. This will be accompanied by a light combat helicopter.

Badoria said the situation during the Indo-China border conflict was not conducive to air strikes. But the Air Force is ready for an air strike at any time. He said China’s aggressive attitude and occupying nature on the border has been successfully resisted by India. China did not dare to proceed under the strict surveillance of the Indian Army and Air Force.

Meanwhile, India is going to overtake China and Pakistan in military power. The Air Force is going to get the engine of the fifth Zen fighter jet made in a completely indigenous way. The Indian Defense Research Organization (DRDO) has already started work on the engine.

This will be the first time that the Indian Air Force will have a fifth-gen fighter jet engine, which is made entirely in the country. Which is being built for Fifth Generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. The Economic Times reports that DRDO’s plan is that the engine will be highly effective for the Raphael jet.

The DRDO said it was building a brand new 110kg Newton engine that would be the future of India’s military. This engine is made for sophisticated fighter jets, so it will be effective for Rafael jets as well. The engine will play a pivotal role in making the Indian Air Force self-sufficient.

The DRDO has spoken to Safran, a French jet engine maker, for infrastructure support and technical assistance to build the engine. Safran will reportedly help build the engine in collaboration with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.