Leaving his children in Dubai.

Sanjay Dutt
Manyata Dutt at Sachiin Joshi's Diwali bash in Mumbai on 24th Oct 2014 shown to user

Sanjay Dutt hurried back to Mumbai. Leaving

Sanjay Dutt returned to Mumbai from Dubai. After spending some time alone with his wife and children, the Bollywood actor returned to Mumbai for treatment.

Sanjay recently flew to Dubai with his wife Manita. Sanjay flew to Dubai to spend time with Shahran and Ikra, their two children. After staying in Dubai for a few days, it was suddenly reported that Munnabhai will return to Mumbai on September 30. He is expected to return to the city soon for chemotherapy. However, the Dutt family was not seen opening their mouths in front of the media. However, after spending time with his two children, the actor will return to Mumbai and start the third phase of chemotherapy. According to the plan, the actor returned to Mumbai on September 30.

Though he is scheduled to fly to the US for cancer treatment, Sanjay Dutt is currently staying in Mumbai. He has several movies left to shoot. That is why it is known that at the moment he will not go abroad for treatment. Incidentally, Sanjay has a 5-year medical visa to stay in the US for cancer treatment. However, the news that he is not going to America at the moment. Sanjay was also supposed to go to Singapore for treatment. The actor has also canceled his plans to go there.

Recently, director Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Sarak To was released. Sanjay Dutt was one of the main characters in this movie. He shared the screen on Road Two with Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapoor.