Kangana v. BMC case hearing today.


The demolition case will be heard again in the Mumbai High Court today at Kangana Ranaut’s office. During today’s hearing, BMC will have to tell the court that it has taken steps to remove the alleged illegal construction in Kangana’s office as quickly as it has taken action in other cases. During the last hearing, the court asked BMC to reply by today.

Kangana’s lawyer Sanjay Raut was also mentioned in the court during the latest hearing. Kangana’s lawyer argued that Kangana had said something about those in power that made her frustrated, so the action was taken at Kangana’s office, there was no illegal construction of Kangana’s office.
The High Court reprimanded the BMC, saying the manner in which the office collapsed during the monsoon could not be avoided. The hearing was adjourned on Thursday as the High Court was closed due to heavy rains on Wednesday. The High Court had asked BMC to respond to the case by September 16.

The judge expressed dissatisfaction with the demand for some more time and said that you were very quick when it came to taking action. Laziness is being shown when it comes to answering. Someone’s house is broken into. The court does not allow the structure to remain that way during the monsoon season.