In the eyes of the minority vote, the BJP wants Taha.


The BJP wants to get closer to the minority community in the state assembly elections. Because out of the total 294 assembly seats in the state, about 6 seats are directly controlled by the Muslim community and they have influence in about 30 more seats. Therefore, the top leadership thinks that the Hindutva badge can push the BJP in 65 to 100 seats.

That is why they are seeking Furfura Sharif’s Peerzada Taha Siddiqui on behalf . It is learned that BJP’s central observer Kailash Vijayavargy recently spoke to Taha Siddiqui on the phone. He said that they have heard a lot about the popularity of Taha there. The party wants Taha to come to Delhi to discuss the overall situation.

However, Taha did not agree to his proposal. According to Taha Siddiqui, he is vocal against any sectarian group. Not only the BJP is communal, I will speak out against the communal part of the Congress, the CPM, and the grassroots. According to the BJP leadership, Taha Siddiqui was instrumental in shifting the left-leaning Muslim vote bank to the grassroots.

So if the BJP, known as the Hindutva party, can keep Taha Siddiqui with it, then the loss in the polls will be less. In the context of West Bengal politics before the Assembly elections, it is considered important to ask Furfura Sharif’s Peerzada Taha Siddiqui to side with the BJP.