If you want to Weight loss , accurate way.

lose weight
lose weight

The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) has revised the average weight of women and men. Earlier in 2010, the average weight of Indian men and women was fixed at 60-70 kg and 50 kg respectively. Now NIN has fixed the weight of men at 65 kg and women at 55 kg. If a man or woman is overweight, he or she is obese. Nowadays, every third person suffers from obesity due to poor routine, wrong eating and stress. Obesity is a genetic disease that lasts for several generations. simple & accurate

There has been a lot of research on this topic with an emphasis on weight loss. For this, the researchers paid special attention to all aspects of routine, diet, rest and stress. One of these studies has shown that gaining weight can be reduced in an easy way. The simplest and most precise method of research has been described for this. If you are suffering from weight gain and want to lose weight, you can try this remedy. Trying this can get you rid of obesity very soon. Let’s find out- simple & accurate

One study found that drinking a glass of water before you eat helps you lose weight. You can do this with every mile. It helps reduce appetite and burn calories. Weight loss

According to a study published in a press report, drinking a glass of water before meals reduces appetite and individuals eat comparatively less. It can control growing weight. The study included 15 adults. These included 2 males aged 24 years and females aged 23.5 years on average. The results of this study have been satisfactory. Much more research is being done on this subject. If you also want to control weight gain in such situations, drink a glass of water before every meal (meals).