If you keep things near the basil tree at home, unrest is inevitable!

basil tree
basil tree

The most popular medicinal plant is the basil tree. Basil is the king of all medicinal plants. Basil has a variety of health benefits. People of different religions in different parts of the world respect the basil plant as a sacred medicine.

The scriptures also say that if there is a basil tree, the god of death Yamraj can not enter the house! Even if there is disbelief in the scriptures, you can keep a basil plant at home just for its medicinal properties. Tulsi is not less important from the ecological point of view. So if you keep in the house, you have to follow some things keeping in mind the good and bad of the world.

1 Never place wet clothes near a basil tree. Because it increases the negative energy.

2 Do not leave dirt around the basil tree. Always keep it clean.

3 Make sure that there is no cactus or thorny tree next to the basil tree. That leads to unrest in the world. If you want good health and happiness in the family, place a flowering tree with no thorns next .

4 Do not put shoes under the basil tree.

Come in front of at least once in 5 days and breathe deeply. If there is any infection inside the body, it will go away. If you keep Tulsi at home, don’t forget to worship every morning.

In addition to purifying the air, Tulsi also removes various faults of the house. Provides positive energy.

৭ This basil refutes ecological faults.

Always keep the basil in a place where it does not need to be swept even if it is swept.