I have to cook well at home, Twinkle can’t make omelettes: Akshay.


One is a seasoned cook, the other is going to make omelettes. In this way, Akshay Kumar broke the pot in the market about his wife. Khiladi Kumar said, “Twinkle doesn’t know how to cook, but he is very good at telling stories!”

This Bollywood power couple recently sat in the ‘hot seat’. No. Not to play ‘Kaun Banega Karorapati’. They take some time out of the tight schedule to chat with the fans. Akshay and Twinkle leaked all the ‘top secrets’ to each other while answering questions from a few small viewers on behalf of Twinkle’s digital venture ‘Twick India’.

Akshay talked about cooking Twinkle but couldn’t. Is it so easy to get rid of the house angry! No matter how big the ‘player’ he is! Twinkle also opened his mouth. He said that Akshay is a fitness freak but he loves to cheat on his diet. Although he was told to eat healthy food, he occasionally made ‘chocolate parota’ himself. This is the ‘trick’ of the hero to make the children happy. Their son Arv is also a seasoned cook. From Rajma to Pitja – there is nothing that he cannot make.

This naughtiness of the two opposites has always fascinated the fans.

Besides, Akshay’s favorite superhero came up in the chat. Who could be the favorite superhero of a man whose action on the big screen has fascinated everyone from eight to eighty year after year? Akshay himself told about Tarzan. Although Twinkle considers intelligence to be a superpower. He also talked about his own book. He said that the story of ordinary people becoming extraordinary has come up in his pen. Twinkle thinks they are superheroes. In films like ‘Toilet: A Love Story’ and ‘Padman’, Akshay captures the audience in the same way.

Twinkle and Akshay got married in 2001. The heroine said goodbye to the big screen a long time ago. Now he holds the pen. On the other hand, Akshay’s reign in Bollywood is still in force from the nineties. Twinkle is short-spoken. Akshay is known as the ‘Prank Star’. This naughtiness of the two opposites has always fascinated the fans. This time too he was no exception.