Heavy rains are expected in the northeastern.


Indian states in the next 48 hours. Heavy rains.

The sky in Kolkata has been overcast since this morning and that is why the weather office forecast that heavy rains are expected to hit the coastal districts of South Bengal in the next 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, it was reported that rains will start in all these districts of East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas. Moreover, the weather has changed a lot since Monday. Especially in Gangetic West Bengal. Not only South Bengal, but also North Bengal is going to be heavily affected. That change will take place in North Bengal from Monday. There is a possibility of a rain till Tuesday and Wednesday tomorrow.

Humidity discomfort across the city of Kolkata today. As a result, heavy rains are expected in the next 48 hours in the northeastern Indian states. As a result of this Orissa coast, the Ganges is going to have a heavy impact on various coastal districts including West Bengal. The location of this depression is now in the North West Bay.

Today, the temperature in the city has increased a little compared to yesterday, today the maximum temperature in Kolkata is 33 degrees, while the minimum temperature is 28 degrees. Meanwhile, the relative humidity in the air is much higher at 98%. Now the amount of water vapor in the state is much higher, which is why this humidity is causing discomfort across the state.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain in Jhargram, Bankura and West Burdwan of West Bengal. There is also a possibility of heavy rain with thunderstorms in different places. The weather in North Bengal will change from Monday to Monday and that weather will remain till Tuesday. The 5 districts of Uttar Pradesh will be more or less affected.