He snatched the phone,he was under house arrest, Hathras News

Hathras News
Hathras News

Relative of Hathras, who escaped police custody. Hathras News.

The administration has not stopped issuing section 144 in Hathras village. Family members of the victims are not allowed to speak to the media. Stuck at home. A minor came to the village border with dust in the eyes of the police and said this. Hathras News
On Friday morning, the victim’s family members sent the minor to speak to the media. He was told to report the plight of the family to the media. According to the minor, the administration has instructed all the family members to turn off the phone. Someone snatched the phone again.
After crossing the field, he came to the edge of the village and opened his mouth to the news media. Says, ‘They have snatched the phone. My family sent me here to talk to the news media. I escaped and came through Kheke. They are not letting us out. The media is not allowed to enter. They are scaring us. ‘
While the minor was talking, a police officer came there. That’s when the boy ran away. Journalists then asked police why they were not allowed to speak to the victim’s family. The police officer did not respond. On Twitter, the state Congress criticized the Yogi government’s move. He wrote in Hindi, ‘‌Today Yogiji has banned the media from entering the village, because the news media has spread the news there to the whole country. They have revealed the truth about Yogiji’s Jungle King. That is why their entry has been banned. Hathras News
Hathras District Magistrate PK Laxkar has denied his dispute with the victim’s family. He claims to be talking to family members regularly. The day before, he spoke to six members of the family. There was no problem while talking. Everything is propaganda.