Greenland ice is melting fast, which is a concern for environmentalists.


Horrible situation! Greenland ice

The amount of carbon dioxide in our world is increasing day by day due to rapid deforestation. An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide has led to global warming. As a result of global warming, the climate of the whole world has started to change little by little. Environmentalists are worried about these issues. One of the most surprising things happened in Greenland. As a result of global warming, Greenland’s ice has begun to melt into water. Environmentalists say that the sea level will rise a lot due to this ice melt water. No such incident has been seen in the last 12,000 years of history.

According to a research paper published in the journal Nature, the last ice age to come to Earth was preceded by the Holocene era. Even in the Holocene era, Greenland’s ice began to melt. This time too, the ice age has started to melt with the Holocene era. The average surface temperature of the Earth during the Holocene was 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit. In this age of ours, too, the earth’s surface temperature will continue to rise to increase the amount of carbon-di-oxide.

Jason Bryner, a professor of geology at the University of Buffalo, said sea levels could rise by 2 to 10 centimeters before the end of the 21st century as ice melts. In this context, he added, “As a result of our misdeeds, the way the ice has started to melt in Greenland has not been seen in the last 12,000 years.”

About 70 percent of the island of Greenland is covered in ice. The area is covered by ice, covering some 660,000 square miles. One study found that Greenland’s ice sheets shrunk between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago. Again
For 4,000 years, however, the ice sheet has expanded. Scientists believe that ice could disappear from Greenland within a thousand years, even if the current shrinkage is equal.

Earlier this year, a picture of Antarctica went viral on social media. The world was terrified to see that picture of NASA. The image shows Antarctica’s massive iceberg breaking in an instant. The breakage of this iceberg could cause sea levels to rise. Twenty percent of the ice in Antarctica melted in just 9 days, so they all understand what horrible things are waiting for the next day.