Getting fat after marriage! Learn how to control your weight.

control your weight
control your weight

There is a saying in the mouths of many old people, when the water of marriage is applied, many changes take place. After true marriage, many changes are noticed in the life of both husband and wife. Not only in life but also in the body, the change of the two is noticeable. But usually no one pays such attention to the excess weight of men. Many people do not like the sudden increase in weight in the case of the wife. If the cause of this sudden weight gain can be analyzed, then several issues will come up in front of everyone. control your weight

After marriage, girls suddenly change their eating habits, eat irregularly for a while, do not work after marriage, all these things cause the girls to suddenly gain weight. But not only beauty, every girl has to stay fit before and after marriage to stay healthy. So here are some effective tips to keep your weight under control your weight

1) You should not change your eating habits too much. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Not every family has the same eating habits. So, without any unnecessary shame, you have to eat and drink at the right time. It should not be too late at night.

2) If you have accumulated excess fat in the body, you can take a vitamin supplement in consultation with a doctor. These vitamin B capsules will provide the energy needed to take on new responsibilities in the new environment.

3) Many times when the body is low in calcium, there is a tendency to become fat. At that time tea or coffee should be reduced a lot. Be sure to take a calcium supplement before going to bed at night.

4) There are a number of rules for staying fit that will change your appearance if you do not follow. No matter how busy you are, exercise regularly for at least 30 to 45 minutes every day.

5) After the new marriage, many times the invitation of the relatives comes from the house. Needless to say, you naturally gain weight as a result of walking or eating in different places. So you need to know how to control this irregularity. You have to eat exactly as much as you should, even if you insist.

6) Try to choose any other method other than birth control pills.

6) Make a proper diet chart by showing a dietitian and try to reduce your excess fat by following it.

6) If you are a housewife, try to do hard work at home, if you are sitting, laziness will increase, with whom excess fat will increase.