Find out why lemon chilli are hung on the door of the shop or office?

lemon chilli
lemon chilli

Lemon and chilli are often seen hanging on the door of our house or shop or office. We all think that lemon chilli is tied in front of this door to avoid Kunjar. People from different walks of life in different parts of India have been believing in kunjar or black magic since ancient times. People believe that this lemon chilli is used to keep kunjar away. Let’s find out now what lemon chilli is used to avoid.

1) When pesticides were not discovered to repel insects, lemons and chillies were used for insects. To protect the house from insects, lemons and chillies were hung on the main door of the house.
2) When the train bus started, people used its legs to go from one end to the other. The condition of the roads at that time was very bad. Most of the roads were through the jungle so people often were bitten by poisonous snakes while walking through the jungle. If you are bitten by a snake, if you eat raw chilli at that time, then if you eat raw chilli, you will understand that the snake was not poisonous, but if you have the opposite reaction, that is, if no one is bitten, then you know that the snake was poisonous. For this reason, earlier people used to take chilli with Berule on the way. When he got tired of walking on the road, he used to drink a little lemon water to get rid of the fatigue and create energy to walk again.

3) According to the Puranas, the goddess of prosperity is mother Lakshmi. Another sister of Lakshi is Alakshi. Mother Lakshmi came to the family and increased her wealth so she is worshiped with sweets and fruits. On the other hand, to keep Alakshi away from the family, sour food is given. This is why many Baribad shops hang lemons and chillies in front of them.