Fake Facebook account Raj Chakraborty.

Director opened a fake account in the name of director Raj Chakraborty on Facebook. This is not the end. There are also allegations of financial fraud against them. Police have arrested three people, including a woman, in the incident. Yesterday, that is, on Saturday, the police of Kasba police station arrested these three. The three fraudsters are currently in police custody. Yesterday, Raj informed everyone about this incident from his verified Facebook page and warned them.

According to police sources, a few days ago, Raj placed an advertisement on his Facebook page in search of a child artist. Many parents contacted him as soon as the advertisement came to their notice. Children are also auditioned. Meanwhile, Raj heard that some people were taking money from the parents in the name of the director. Instead, they are being promised jobs for their children. Raj approached the police to look into the whole matter. Contact is also made with a fraudulent guardian. After that, the three were caught by the police. Raj claims that these three fraudsters saw the advertisement and contacted him. Then they opened a fake account in the name of Raj on Facebook and sat down to get the trap of cheating. Even some pictures have been posted on that fake profile to gain the trust of common people. It is learned that a guardian contacted the authorities of the channel where the fraudsters had promised to get the job.

Only then did the deception of the cycle of deception come to light. Police are questioning the detainees to find out who else is involved in this act. The director posted a detailed post in this regard from his verified account on Facebook yesterday. “A lot of fake accounts have been created on Facebook under the name of me and my company ‘Raj Chakraborty Entertainment‘,” Raj wrote. And, a lot of people are following those fake accounts without realizing it. Taking advantage of their simple mentality, some fake people are having obscene chats with the temptation to get work with girls through these accounts. He is also taking a lot of money from many in exchange for the opportunity to act. As I said before, I don’t chat privately with anyone on Facebook. And, every page of me or my company on social media is VERIFIED. That is, there is a ‘blue tick’ next to the page. We are not given the opportunity to do any work here for money. The only criteria for working is your qualifications. We have filed a diary in the name of three fake persons at Kasba police station today. Now they are in police custody. So, I am repeatedly requesting you not to fall into the temptation of such lies. Thank you.