Dinesh, Kolkata Knight Riders captain Brad Hogg


In the last match, Kolkata Knight Riders lost to Delhi Capitals by 16 runs. And since then, a section of the cricket community has raised questions about Dinesh Karthik’s captaincy and tactics. Kolkata fans have also spoken out on social media about Karthik’s poor form. Some say Karthik’s tactics are not appropriate to pull the team. Questions are also being raised about the various decisions taken by Karthik. Many are already proposing Morgan’s name as captain. In this situation, former Kolkata Knight Riders cricketer Brad Hogg is on Kartik’s side.

Brad Hogg, a former Kolkata Knight Riders cricketer, is on the verge of electing Dinesh Karthik as Kolkata captain in response to a fan’s question on his YouTube channel. But he also emphasized Morgan’s experience. Hogg said he would love to see Eoin Morgan as Kolkata captain. However, as the captain, Dinesh Karthik is fulfilling his responsibilities properly. Hogg’s advice: Karthik should use the experience of Morgan and other experienced cricketers of the team instead of taking the opportunity!

His explanation for not choosing Morgan as captain was that, according to the rules, Kolkata could play a total of four foreign cricketers in their squad. If Morgan is made the captain in this case, then this batsman of England will also fall in the tactics of those four foreign players. And if Morgan is in bad form later in the tournament, it will be difficult to bring in a new foreign player by dropping him. Because if the captain of the team is changed in this way, the problem will increase. The balance of the team will be lost. As a result, in many cases, even if he is in bad form, he will have to play. Due to this, even if there is a good player in the team squad, then it will be difficult to use that player.

According to Hogg, it would be wise to select Dinesh Karthik as the captain. Morgan’s experience can be used as well. It is to be mentioned that Kolkata Knight Riders will take the field against Chennai Super Kings in Abu Dhabi this evening. If Kolkata can win in this case, needless to say, it will give a lot of relief to captain Karthik.