Corona can be spread through currency notes!

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new indian currency, 200 and 500 rupees note as background

The RBI replied. Corona

If you think that the currency note does not spread the corona virus, you are wrong. Any type of bacteria or virus can be spread through currency notes. The RBI said in a statement that the decision was made in response to a query from the Condition of All India Traders (CAIT). Also, the RBI has said that people need to pay more digitally in place of currency notes.

On March 2, CAT sent a letter to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. In the letter, Cat called for clarification on whether the currency notes were carriers of bacteria and viruses. The finance ministry sent the question to the RBI, in response to which the RBI indicated in an email on Saturday that currency notes could spread the virus.
In response to CAT, the RBI said, “People can easily make digital payments and use currency from their homes through online channels like online banking, internet banking, cards, etc. or you can avoid withdrawing cash from ATMs!”

CAT national president BC Bhartia and national general secretary Praveen Khandelwal said, “Any kind of bacteria or virus is likely to spread very quickly through currency notes. In this regard, CAT has been trying to get explanations from ministers and other government authorities for the past one year.” This is the first time since the issue was raised last year, when the central bank informed and answered the issue, but Kani was cut off from the original question. However, the RBI did not deny it, indicating that viruses and bacteria were spread through currency notes. That is why the RBI has recommended the maximum use of digital payments to avoid currency payments.