CID team at the scene of Manish murder

Manish murder
CID arrests 2 in connection to killing of WB BJP leader Manish Shukla

A team of CID detectives visited the spot where BJP leader Manish Shukla was shot near Titagarh police station. There, the detective conducted an investigation on the arrested businessman Mohammad Khurram. Simultaneously interrogated several people. CID detectives first went to the spot. There he tried to understand the events of Sunday night. Manish murder

They discussed among themselves how the miscreants came from which direction and fired. Detectives questioned the staff of a shop near the scene. He then went to a local petrol pump and talked to the staff there. They collected CCTV hard disk. Then they went to Kharada municipality and collected CCTV camera footage. Detectives from the forensic department went to the spot that afternoon.

On the same day, BJP MP Arjun Singh said that there were two questions, Manish’s murder was carried out by the police and Trinamool goons in a joint operation. Now the limestone is being caught. The car and arms have not been recovered yet. There is a flower house behind Nantu Ghosh’s house where all the anti-socials have taken shelter.

The police never went there. The picture of Khurram with Nantu Ghosh that has another picture in it is named Runu where he played the role that day. He has not been caught yet. From the beginning, 5 police officers were communicating with the criminals and they were sharing the location. Arjun Singh demanded that the investigation be done with the CBI. Manish murder