Chandramukhi Raima in Devdas!


‌ Says, ‘If there was a season, where would I reach today’‌ Raima

Defense: How did you end the lockdown? ‌ • On the whole, the house arrest life went well. I gave myself time. I have done a lot of exercise. Saw the movie. I spent a lot of time with everyone in the house. However, I have been shooting since August. The shoot of Birsa series ‘Black Windows’ is going on.

Defense: You have exercised a lot. So Abir and Parambrata, who always follow you with exercise, are saying that they can’t do it anymore?

• Now I can’t be annoyed with that anymore. And Param himself said to me, ‘My God you lost so much weight.’ I am doing a character in Soumitra Chatterjee’s biopic. Absolute director. I came to Calcutta for this film. Absolutely surprised to see me. But now I am shooting again and again. So exercise has decreased again. Birsa Project, ‘Hello Three’, then ‘Devdas’.

Defense: A lot of work in hand. He worked on ‘Forbidden Love’ a few days ago. How was the experience?

You know it’s a short film. So the format is different. My sister worked with Mahesh Manjerkar. Mao worked. But I’ve never done that before. Mahesh called me hot one day and offered me a job. I am very happy to receive the offer. Oh but a good director as well as a very good actor. Mahesh has also acted in this film. He did my husband’s part. Short film, short day work. However, I have learned a lot from Mahesh. He is a very intelligent man. Great actor. And Mahesh can understand the actors very well.

Q: What if the director-actor interaction has been quite good?

Exactly so. Mahesh is a good actor. So you can understand the point of view of the actors while directing. He explained everything to me very well in advance. Mahesh knows what he wants. Husband and wife needed chemistry. It has emerged very well.

The complexity of the relationship is shown in the question ‘Forbidden Love‘. How did you unite with the character?

There are different forms of love. There are many feelings involved with this. Jealousy, hatred, madness, love is intense with these. And when relationships get complicated, the feelings get even more complicated. I worked with such a complex feeling.

Q: You have photographed a lot of complex issues. Well, very curious, do you see the future?


Q: You have chosen pictures with so many different tastes from the beginning of your career. Many have already walked the path of the web. Visitors like this, will like this medium, how do you understand?

• But it is true. I started doing the series a long time ago. ‘Hello’ is the first web series in Bengali in that sense. However, I also returned the offer of the series. I’m a little picky. I try to do the best I can. I am doing one season after another of ‘Hello’. Then I will do ‘Devdas’. It is a modern thriller film. I’m doing ‘Chandramukhi’.

Q: And you never chose a picture thinking that you would ever be a heroine. Vidya Balan also worked in ‘Parinita’ knowingly at the center.

• If the story is good, nothing else is needed. And nothing can be done alone, I believe. I don’t mind sharing the screen, there was never a day.

Q: Besides, in the case of photography, you have taken a completely different path. At the time of your debut, the commercial film was in full swing. But you didn’t go down that road.

My beginning is different. ‘God Mother’ is my first picture.

Defense: Yes, he did a lot of work with Rituparno Ghosh. Ritu has repeatedly praised you. Are you a very good Rabindra Sangeet song with khaki throat? Custom?

• No, not at all.

Q: Rituda used to ask you to practice music many times. Isn’t it?

He used to do that. Singing for the season photo. Then I kept all his requests. Later it was not practiced anymore. If there was a season, maybe I would. I have never found such a director. Rituda has done nothing with me. There was so much in me, I didn’t really know. I started with ‘God Mother’. But after doing ‘Sand of Eyes’, I became an actor in that way. He knew how to get the best out.

Q: Are you really upset for the season?

Won’t it? If there was a season, where would I reach today? How many things did not happen. (Raima says in a hushed voice)

Defense: You have said it many times. You didn’t do anything on your own. He used to imitate Rituda. Not so with other directors though. Got a director after the season, who wanted to imitate?

• In fact, Rituda and I had a great understanding. I could carbon copy him. KG means Kaushik Gangopadhyay is a lot like this. Aparna Sen also belongs to this genre. And Kamaleshwar Mukherjee explained the scene very well. Besides, I have learned to trust myself.

Defense: That is it. It’s been 22 years, you’re acting. Lots of experience.

Yes I saw a lot of ups and downs. Talk to a lot of people. I got to know people from different walks of life. How many turns. The biggest, is the experience of living so many lives in the same life. If it weren’t for the actors, these things wouldn’t have happened.

Q: You must have heard 22 crore times in 22 years, do you look like your grandmother, Suchitra Sen?

Hey it felt a little like when I was younger. Now that sounds great. I am his granddaughter. I will get these compliments. Tell me who else will get it? I am very happy to hear this.

Defense: Well, he wants to know something else. Do you think Bollywood has never given you what Bengali has given you?

That’s a bit true. I came back to Calcutta 6 years ago. If I had stayed, I might have gotten better pictures. At that time I was getting very good pictures in Kolkata. So let’s go. As it is now, I have been back in Mumbai for the last two years. I am doing a lot of work there.

Defense: Why did you leave 8 years ago?

• See, many actors have to make bad pictures to survive. But I had a choice. The great directors of Bengal wanted to work. There is no point in staying later. This backup was mine.

Defense: You are the granddaughter of Suchitra Sen. Daughter of Moonmoon Sen. There is so much talk about kinship. What do you think about this? সক What everyone is saying about nepotism is not true. Tell me how many Star Kids have failed miserably. No one survives without talent. The same thing applies with Star Kid. Well Ranbir Kapoor only gets the picture in the force of nepotism? Isn’t it to diminish his talent?

Defense: Is it easy to get the first picture? Is it even less? Yes the first opportunity is available. I also got ‘God Mother’. Then nothing was straight. Survival of the fittest. That is the truth.