Actress Ankita is trolled for posting.


Cute pictures with her boyfriend. Ankita

Ankita kept herself away from the glamor for a month after Sushant’s death. A month later, he publicly demanded justice for Sushant. The family members of the actor also stood by. Several Bollywood actors, including Sushant’s girlfriend Riya Chakraborty, did not take the matter well.

Riya had told Ankita directly in an interview, ‘She looks like Sushant’s widow.’ Ankita also opened her mouth. Got Vicky by the side. Ankita-Sushant’s love started from the time of ‘Holy Rista’ series. That love lasted for a long time. Their marriage was fine.

But for some reason it broke. After several years of separation from Sushant, Vicky, the ‘common friend’ of Sushant, a businessman by profession, came into the life of painting. Ankita Lokhande became a troll after posting a picture of love with her boyfriend Vicky Jain. Ankita posted a video on her Instagram on the day of Gandhi Jayanti.

In it, he wrote a couple of things about the people closest to life. First mother, then father and then brother, sister and finally love. Wanted to explain to fans how important people are in life. Added a picture at the very end of the video.

In addition to the parents of the artist was his current ‘Love of Life’ Vicky. He was standing next to the painting and was standing next to her. After that, several people raised their fingers towards the painting and made the actress stand on the fence overnight.

After breaking up with Sushant, she got involved in a new relationship again. Many again blamed him for breaking up with Sushant.