25Y have passed by eating stones and soil

eating stones and soil
25Y have passed by eating stones and soil

Surely biryani, polao, korma etc are on your list of favorite foods! But do you know if there is anyone who likes to eat bricks, stones and soil! Yes, that’s right!

One person has been committing such acts for 25 years. Pakirappa Hunagundi was born in 1985 in India. He is a farmer. His family survives on agriculture. Because his father died four years ago. Since then he has had to take care of the world. He takes care of his mother himself.

eating stones and soil
25Y have passed by eating stones and soil

This man named Pakirappa Hunagundi eats strange strange things. He eats everything from soil to stones and bricks. Again for 25 long years. Now his strange food has become addictive. His current age is 35 years.

From the age of 10, he realized that eating these strange things was becoming his habit. He ate an average of one brick and 3 kg of mud every day for about 25 years. He rarely eats anything other than bricks or soil.

We cannot live without eating such rice and bread. Similarly, Pakirappa Hunagundi cannot live without eating these bricks and soil. He drinks water to digest all these foods.

Pakirappa Hunagundi said, I can eat without eating. But I will not stop eating stones and mud. Because it has become my daily necessities.

According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, if you ask him to eat something between chicken fry and bricks, he must eat bricks.

It’s actually a terrible mental illness. Which is called Pika. People with this disease have a strong desire to eat a variety of inedible foods. They are sexually attracted to various inanimate objects. For example, many of them eat inedible books, notebooks, pens, soil etc.

Again, many people try to have sex with different devices. As a result, in most cases, they harm themselves. Needless to say, people with this disease cannot easily identify different objects and individuals.

Moreover, their memory is very weak. According to neurologists, this disease is caused by an injury or infection in the temporal lobe of the brain. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease. The infected person has to carry this disease for the rest of his life.

Indian Pakirappa Hunagundi is suffering from an unusual disease. However, Hunagundi firmly believes that he has no illness and that it is his talent and craft. Hunagundi’s behavior has caught people’s attention. He has already become famous.

“We find it very strange,” said a man from the Hunagundi area. Hunagundi’s friends and family members forbade him to eat these items. Even his mother has been trying to get rid of her son’s addiction for the last 25 years. But he was not able to.

“I have been eating bricks and stones for the last 25 years,” Hunagundi said. I love to eat these. It has become a part of my life. It doesn’t affect me in any way.

My teeth are perfectly healthy and I can easily bite on any hard rock. “I hope I can earn more by going to different parts of India to showcase my craft,” he added.